European Award for Citizenship Security and Defence



Winners 2017

cidan_2017-7© Behörden Spiegel, Klaus Dombrowsky

The Jury for the European Award for Citizenship, Security and Defence met on Thursday 12 October 2017 in Strasbourg, in the premises of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

After the deliberation of the Jury, the 2017 Awards are attributed to the following candidates :

  • The European Award for Citizenship, Security and Defence to the Lithuanian Institute, « House of Arts and Education », together with its Partners in Hungary, Lithuania, Montenegro and Portugal.

For the project « The Road of the Citizen in the Mirror of History » which is intended to remind young people that Human Rights should not be taken for granted and to show how belonging to the European Union helps to defend these rights and to feel more secure than in the isolated past.

cidan_2017-9© Behörden Spiegel, Klaus Dombrowsky

  • A Special Award for « Remembrance » to the Commune of Auchy les Mines

For the exceptional participation of the population of this small town in commemorating, in 2014 and 2015, the hundred year anniversaries of the First World War, through many rich and varied activities and in particular, by welcoming delegations representing the British regiments which fought in the Battle of Loos (September/October 1915), including numerous schoolchildren.

cidan_2017-4© Behörden Spiegel, Klaus Dombrowsky

  • A Special Award for « Innovation » to Madame Elodie Ferreira

For her work on the representation of conflicts and trauma in museums and memorials, for setting up her website « ComMemories » with the aim of modernising Remembrance and making it an inspiration, not a burden, for her practical guide « Speaking about tragic events with your child », to encourage the publication of her books on « Remembrance explained to children » .

cidan_2017-5© Behörden Spiegel, Klaus Dombrowsky

These awards have been presented on Tuesday 28 November 2017 in the context of the Berlin Security Conference.


The winners 2016:

  • The European Award for Citizenship, Security and Defence goes to EuroDefense-Spain and EuroDefense-Portugal

for their organisation of the Vth EuroDefense Conference of Young Europeans and its follow-up.  70 young delegates, university graduates and military cadets, from six countries of the European Union met to exchange ideas, opinions and reflections in a multidisciplinary context about “The Defence of Europe: Past, Present and Future”,

© Behörden Spiegel, Klaus Dombrowsky
© Behörden Spiegel, Klaus Dombrowsky


  • Special Award “Military Ethics” to the Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace (Department of Philosophy of the University of Stockholm),

for its training of young researchers, studies on military ethics, publications, conferences and networking of researchers, policy-makers, military practitioners, and the public, mainly in the Nordic States,

© Behörden Spiegel, Klaus Dombrowsky
© Behörden Spiegel, Klaus Dombrowsky

On the above photography, colonel Manfred Rosenberger, member of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Military Ethics in Europe presents the award to colonel Magnus Magnusson, Swedish Defence Attaché in Berlin.

  • Special Award for “Remembrance” to the French association “Mondement 1914 – the soldiers of the Marne –  Joffre – Foch”,

for commemorating, each year and publicising, especially in 2014, the first battles on the Marne,  with the aim of informing younger generations, in connection with the Saxon Military History Association from Dresden, the Royal Fusiliers in London and the German International School in Paris

© Behörden Spiegel, Klaus Dombrowsky
© Behörden Spiegel, Klaus Dombrowsky
  • Special Award “European Security and Defence Awareness” to Dr Carolin Rüger from the Institute for Political Science and Sociology of the University of Würzburg (Germany),

for her research works and teaching of the European Common Security and Defence Policy, specifically for her comprehensive studies of the elaboration, implementation and perception of the policy by a European public.

© Behörden Spiegel, Klaus Dombrowsky
© Behörden Spiegel, Klaus Dombrowsky

 On the above photography, Mr Uwe Proll, Publisher and Editor in chief of the Behörden Spiegel presents the trophy to Mrs Hildegund Rüger, mother of Carolin


The Winners 2015

Winner of the European Award “Citizenship, Security and Defence” : NGO “Geneva Call ” (Switerland).

Winner of a Special Award by the Jury : Elementary school COUSTEAU, France.  

Special Award “Centenary of the Great War” : “Collectif France 40” association, France.

Special Award “Information and education on Defence and Security in the civic life : Liga dos Amigos do Museu Militar, Portugal.

Special Award “Shared Memory” : Fédération du Mémorial de l’OTAN , NATO Memorial Federation  – France.

2015 Award “Military Ethics” 2015 (in partnership with the International Society for Military Ethics in Europe (Euro-ISME)) : Pr. David RODIN, Switzerland and UK.

The Winners 2014

Winner of the European Prize “Citizenship, Security and Defence” : European Union Institute for security Studies (E.U.I.S.S.), Europe.

Winner of a Special Award by the Jury : Institut Européen des Relations Internationales (I.E.R.I.), Europe.

Special Award “Centenary of the Great War” : “IG ALTE DSM 1864-1918” Association – Germany..

Special Award “European Citizenship & Conscience” : “EGC&Associés” Company – France.

2014 Award “Military Ethics” (in partnership with the International Society for Military Ethics in Europe (Euro-ISME)  : Centre for Military Ethics in the Federal Armed Forces (ZEBIS) – Germnay.

The Winners 2013

Winner of the European Award :

DOBROSOLOWO School  (Poland) for all actions aiming at teaching the European identity, the respect of Human rights, and tolerance,  through a modern system of education.

Special Award   « Centenary of the First World War» :

Association ” LE SAILLANT DE SAINT MIHIEL” (France) for all actions aiming at teaching to the young generations local history, in particular during the First World War, and for all French-German ceremonies organized by the association since  2002.

Special Award “European Defence Industry” :

European Defense Economic Network (EDEN-LYON – France) for creating a network of Small Companies and partnerships  with European equivalent clusters.

Speacial Award “Citizenship and Defence” :

Association « Grand Méchant Loup », lycée franco-allemand de BERLIN  (Germany) for all actions (videos, researches, interviews) allowing students to discover POLAND, CENTRAL EUROPE and European History  through a virtual journey.

Special Award « Peace in Europe »   :

International Society for Military ethics in Europe (EURO-ISME) (Europe) for all actions regarding Military Ethics (Training publications and research)

The Winners 2012

The European Award ” Citizenship, Security and Defence ” has been awarded to : The European Security Round Table, Brussels – Belgium.

The Award ” To the benefit of Youth” has been awarded to : Peace School of Grenoble – France.

The Award “Europe of the Regions” has been awarded to : The House of Europe – Rennes – France.

The Award “Memory and Reconciliation” has been awarded to : Major (rc) Simon of the A.N.O.R.A.A.- sector 410 Essonne – France.

The Award ” Research and Technology” has been awarded to : Mr Daniel ANTONY, Besançon – France.

The Award “Europe of Peace” has been awarded to : EUROCORPS, Strasbourg – France.

The Winners 2011   

The European Award for “Citizenship, Security and Defence ” 2011 has been awarded to :

M. Hartmut BÜHL for the edition of his magazine “The European Security and Defence Union”, for his personal commitment and the skills of his editorial team.

The ex-aequo second prize has been awarded to:

The Association of Portuguese defence, security and citizenship young listeners (DECIDE), which aims to interest young people in defence issues, to make these issues affordable and for its desire to bring closer military and civilian domains at the European level.

The Network EURODEFENCE, present in 13 countries of the European Union, to organize the 11 to 16 July 2010 to meet the youth, which ended with concrete proposals addressed to Mrs ASHTON, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission.

Weimar Club (Poland) for his will to turn the Polish Foreign Policy towards the European Union

Research Group « Security and Defence Policy » (Spain), Chair Amiral Don Juan de Borbon,  COMPLUTENSE Universtity, MADRID, in partnership wit the spanish Center (CESEDEN), for their research activities, and for their efforts to link University and the  “Defence World”

The CiDAN special prize has been awarded to :

The European Security and Defence Assembly / WEU Assembly for his tireless support to the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).