Application File

 (10 typed pages maximum)

Application file 2023 (format word)

This file must be sent by e-mail (euro-award@cidan.org ) and in written form to CiDAN

9ter rue Edouard Lefebvre

F 78000 VERSAILLES – France

Before September the 30st 2023


1 – Candidate


  • Presentation of the person or organisation involved
  • Country and town of origin


2 – Summary sheet completed, sent separately


See on page 2. This summary must not exceed one A4 page.


3 – Action


The description has a free form but it may also follow the  outline shown on the summary sheet.


  • A detailed account of what has been achieved
  • the number of people who have benefited, from when and for how long;
  • Assessment and validation of the results
  • Impact on population (how many people involved)
  • Appendix: All data and illustrations enhancing the quality of presentation


– Means used


  • staff
  • equipment/material  used
  • cost and funding
  • time dedicated to the project


5 – Follow-up to the project:


  • Prospects for the future
  • New actions


6 – Conclusion






Summary sheet for the file


  • Field(s) concerned


 European values                                                              European citizenship


Awareness of European security and defence           resilience


 Key European security interests                                  European industrial base


 Remembrance ceremonies


  • Organisation involved
  • Organisation or candidate having initiated the project



City:                                                                   Country:

Phone:                                             Fax:                                         Email:

Person in charge of the project:


  • Other partner(s)

Title, Address, Phone and fax, mail…:


  • Summary of the action or written production

The summary will be supplemented by the following information:

  • Date (s) of achievement:
  • Number of actions / occurrence / publications (number of copies):
  • Intended for:


  • Means





  • Results and follow-up action

Subjects and people who have benefited:

In particular, young people:

Intended follow-up action:

Application file 2022