The European Award for Citizenship, Security and Defence

Competition Rules 2019



Article 1

The European Award for Citizenship, Security and Defence is intended to reward outstanding efforts towards promoting European citizenship and European security and defence awareness. The prize was first awarded in 2011, under the High Patronage of the President of the European Council.

The prize is organised annually by the association “Civisme Défense Armée Nation” (CiDAN), together with the European Interparliamentary Security and Defence Association, with the support of the Behörden Spiegel.

The Berlin Security Conference, organized by this media, hosts the ceremony

Article 2

To that end, the main award areas concerned are the following:

  • Promoting the European values of democracy and human rights,
  • Tangible and visible achievements in promoting a sense of European citizenship,
  • Raising awareness of European security and defence in schools and universities and among the public at large;
  • Reinforcing resilience against terrorism, 
  • Promoting the concept of key European security interests,
  • Promoting the awareness regarding the importance of a powerful European Technological and Industrial Base
  • Remembrance ceremonies and activities, in a spirit of reconciliation.


Article 3

The competition is open to all European citizens and legal entities (organisations, groups, associations, foundations, companies, armed forces units and military staffs, and public and private educational establishments, including primary and secondary schools and universities, etc.) in all the  Member States of the Council of Europe.


Article 4

In 2019, the timetable is as follows:

  • Monday 4th March : Call for applications
  • Sunday 1st september :  Deadline for applications
  • Mid September :  Meeting of the Jury
  • 26/27 November :  Award ceremony during the Berlin                                                                                Security Conference.


Article 5

Candidates should forward an application form which must include:

  • a presentation of the person(s) or organisation(s) involved;
  • a one A4 page summary, including a short presentation and an account of achievements, means used and results obtained;
  • a detailed account of what has been achieved, including the number of people who have benefited, from when and for how long;
  • a detailed presentation of the means used;
  • an assessment and validation of the results obtained.

The application may be written in English or in French and may include press articles, photos, films or any other form of media which highlight the achievements.

Completed application forms should be sent by email to euro-award@cidan.org, and in printed form by post to:


9ter, rue Edouard LEFEBVRE

F 78000 VERSAILLES, France


 Article 6

The organisers shall determine the composition of the jury which will include acknowledged experts on European affairs from countries and institutions of the Council of Europe.


Article 7

The jury shall establish a list to include the winner and possibly runners-up, as well as special merit award winners, for specific categories (article 2 areas, young persons, institutions, industry, teachers, etc.)

The jury’s deliberations shall be secret and irrevocable. All participants in the competition shall undertake to abide by these rules and accept the jury’s decisions.


Article 8

The award is presented annually. The winner in any given year is not permitted to re-enter the competition for a period of three years.


Article 9

Participants shall allow the organisers, CiDAN and its partners, to use their names and photographs as they see fit, for three years, all around the world, especially due to the intrinsic international nature of Internet, on all media : written and audio-visual press, flyers, books, electronic letters, CD-ROMs, CD-I, DVD, Internet, Intranet, film, presentations, conferences. These supports will contribute to the promotion of the image of CiDAN and its partners in the European Award for Citizenship, Security and Defence. There shall be no remuneration for such non-commercial use.


Article 10

The organisers have the right, if necessary and at any time, to postpone, modify or cancel the present award.